Family Movie Night Activity - Cars 2

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Let Mission Movie Night Begin!

Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater and the whole Cars gang is back in Cars 2. Lightning is challenged to a race around the world while Mater gets caught up in some secret agent spy work. As they both race all over the world on their different crazy adventures, join them for your own Family Movie Night adventure. If you haven’t seen the first Cars, if you’ll be having a double feature or just want more Cars inspired Movie Night Activity ideas, be sure to check out this Cars post
Movie Snacks
*Mater gets confused for a secret agent, so why not serve up some Secret Agent Pizza for dinner. Once you’ve got the sauce on your pizza, add the toppings, then hide them with the cheese. Leave clues and drop hints to your family about what kind of Secret Agent Pizza they’re having and see if they can figure out what they’re about to eat.
*Since Lightning decides to race in the World Grand Prix and Mater is busy doing spy work, you could feature a dish or snack from each country they visit. For your Tour de Movie Night consider having a pot luck style dinner or even just make sugar cookies decorated to look like flags from Japan, France, Italy and England.
*Mater thinks he’s ordering pistachio ice cream when really he’s eating extra hot wasabi. Serve up some real pistachio ice cream to your family for dessert and cool off on Mater's behalf.

Must Pause Moments
*When Lightning & Mater are on the plane they get served drinks and snacks. Stop the movie so everyone can grab their own Oil Can Drinks & Lemonade. Wrap labels around your cups or soda cans to make them look like oil cans and serve up some lemonade since Mater is always coming to the aid of lemons!
*When Mater is trying out his different disguises, pause the movie and let everyone grab a couple things to disguise themselves with. Have sunglasses, hats, scarves, fake mustaches and beards for your family to use as they go undercover.

Other Activities
*Decorate for your movie night using signs and decorations to make it look like you’re visiting Radiator Springs on Old Route 66. Remember to put up some “Welcome Back, McQueen!” signs for a nice finishing touch.
*Another decorating idea is to stick with the Tour de Movie Night theme and make each different room look like a different country. Remember the places that McQueen races in are Japan, Italy and England.
*Holley and Finn come to see if Mater wants to join them on any more secret missions, but he decides to stay home with his friends instead. Take some time at the end of the movie to plan your families next adventure. Perhaps it will be as simple as planning out your next Family Movie Night, deciding on some holiday must-do activities, or maybe even something big like next Summer’s cross continental vacation!

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom and Undercover Secret Agent (Shhh… Don’t Tell!) 
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