Performance Preferences

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There's No Business Like Show Business

I'm a big fan of great performances. Do you remember the kind of movies with fancy dance numbers, big musical scenes with kids and adults who could really, actually perform in a big way? There aren't a whole lot of new ones coming out these days and the ones that are, are geared towards the slightly shallow adult audiences (ah hem, Burlesque). I want my kids to experience more of the great performances of yesterday so that the great effects of today don't skew their vision of what the arts truly are. Special effects are awesome, don't get me wrong, but special performances show our kids what physically talented people can really do to entertain wholesomely.

So I am on a quest of entertaining proportions! To find the fabulous performances I can introduce my children to! If you've got ideas and some favorites, leave them here so I can check them out!
 I'm starting this endeavor out with a review of Annie below.

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