Cars 2

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Sequels Are Typcially Lemons

When an oil conspiracy in the car world develops, Lightning McQueen will find himself in serious danger on the racing track and Mater will find himself a secret agent trying to save the day. Not only that, but McQueen and Mater will also find out just how much their friendship means to one another.

It's never really a surprise when a sequel isn't as good as the original. But, that doesn't mean this Cars sequel was bad either. There is plenty of Mater to go around making us laugh with his accidentally funny 'average intelligence'. The down side is that the plot in this one is just so much more complicated. I know my kids had no idea what was really going on beyond the immediate danger of the characters. Plus, there was simply too much shooting for my taste in a kids' movies. Cars with machine guns, explosions, torture, assassinations and secret identities. Sheesh! It was like a mild and more colorful version of Mission Impossible...with cars.
Bottom Line: We wont be buying this one for our collection but it was fun to watch for the weekend.

Motherly Advice: As usual we had our filters set for Medium. The filtering I noticed the most was the language filter. All of Mater's 'shoot's, 'da-gumits' etc were filtered but I wouldn't have minded having those in. The stuff that isn't filtered is the before mentioned instances of shooting, combat fighting, one torture scene, explosions, cars talking about needing to kill other cars and cars actually 'dieing'. This is all done in a very Disney/Pixar manner so depending on your preferences I still think the movie is fine for kids of all ages, I just don't want mine watching this one over and over and over again.

Danielle'- ClearPlay Pit Stop Mom

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