Get Hard

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I remember watching Ordinary People at a theater that edited movies for explicit content. In one scene, a character erupts in foul language, all of which played in silence, followed by the offended mom character saying, “That may be the way they talk at the hospital, but that’s not the way we talk here!” The unintended hilarity caused the audience to erupt in laughter, and reminded me that some movies won’t survive the ClearPlay touch. Get Hard is one of those movies. In it a white collar worker (Will Ferrell) is accused of criminal behavior. Dreading prison life, he enlists the help of someone (Kevin Hart) he supposes is ‘hood and hoosegow savvy, to help him toughen up

ClearPlay NOT In Action!

ClearPlay attacks Get Hard with necessary gusto. The movie’s profanity is in the neighborhood of 250 instances, with nearly 100 F­-words. There is also lots of nudity, crudity, and other bad behavior, so much in fact that ClearPlay is not presenting this movie in ClearPlayed form. Sometimes you examine the finished product and say, “What’s the point?”

Well, then, how can I get Get Hard?...

ClearPlay will not clean up a movie if the viewing experience ends up being a negative one. Get Hard was critically panned, and even audiences that knew what to expect were underwhelmed. For a movie that wallows in foulness (including a questionable title), Get Hard ends up being appropriate for no one. Unless you find jokes about prison rape outrageously funny. In which case, you’re on your own.

Marty Nabhan, ClearPlay Slammer Slammer

Rated R for pervasive crude and sexual content and language, some graphic nudity, and drug material; 100 mins; Directed by Etan Cohen

X-Men Days of Future Past

Film Father

X-men: Days of Future Past begins in the future, and life isn’t exactly roses and rainbows for our superheroes. An ongoing full-blown war between the super mutants and regular humans is taking its toll, with the humans implementing giant humanoid robots that incorporate Mystique technology to adapt to and counteract mutant powers. The wonderfully wacky solution? Send Wolverine back to 1973 to stop humans from acquiring the technology and averting all future  Read More>>>
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The Other Woman

Film Father

High-powered lawyer Carly (Cameron Diaz) thinks she may be dating a very special man (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) – maybe too special, as she finds out he’s not only married, but has other girlfriends on the side. She befriends the wife (Leslie Mann), and together they team up with one of the other girlfriends (Kate Upton) to wreak havoc on the cheater’s life. Read More
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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Film Father

Those robotic chameleons, the Transformers, have been on our planet since the days of the dinosaurs in this fourth installment of the series, and now they are coming forth (ugh) – the bad ones, anyway – to destroy all humanity and plant the seed of more Transformer generation. It is up to – Aw, who am I kidding? Bang, bang, explosions, chases, and more explosions. That’s essentially the raison d’etre of this Michael Bay-helmed sequel. Mark Wahlberg takes the Shia LaBeouf role of sympathetic human playing sincere believer to very large childhood toys. Read More>>>
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The Signal

Film Father

A group of MIT students decides to track down a hacker that infiltrated their computer servers. Their investigation leads them to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere Nevada. They are ambushed by unseen assailants and end up in quarantine in a mysterious, underground facility. While they are told they have been exposed to alien life and must be watched over, they start to feel more like prisoners than patients and hatch a plan to escape. Read More>>>
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Film Father
The people of earth scramble when ancient creatures awaken and wreak havoc on civilization. But for all humanity’s bombs and guns and planning, nothing seems to work to eradicate the marauding beasts of enormous size and power. The biggest of these is Godzilla, a massive lizard-like beast that is a super predator that can smash buildings with a single blow. As the clock ticks down, the survival of the earth rests on one desperate plan and one unexpected ally. Read More>>>
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Blu-ray Player "Time is Precious" Winners

What a treat to read all your comments! 

We've read all 440 entries and enjoyed every minute. 

It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just three.  We couldn't possible ask for a better community of families!

The winners of the player and 18 months membership are:

1. Karali Hunter -- Loved it! Napping always beats floor sweeping!

2. Sean McCarl Smith -- Here's to spending time to catching one more dragonfly and reading one more page of a story to our kids!

3. Erika Robledo Manangon -- There were so many outstanding comments, that for our third entry we decided to use a random number generator to pick a comment. How cool that it picked you Erika! Looks like your luck is turning around!

4. Bonus! We also picked the entry with the most Facebook likes -- Ryan LazerBeam Mullen! Our engineering team had no idea ClearPlay offered these additional features! (We all got a BIG chuckle out of your response! Thanks!!!)

We will send the winners direct messages to get your shipping information!

Thanks EVERYONE for all your comments. 
What a fantastic community!

From all of us at ClearPlay
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A Letter from ClearPlay's CEO


Dear ClearPlay Friends,

Some day a book will be written about getting ClearPlay in a Blu-ray player. We had no idea how tricky it would be when we started working on it many years ago. And although it has been an amazingly difficult climb, we feel truly grateful for the "little" miracles that have occurred along the way.

For example, at the beginning of this year (2:48 am on January 1st to be exact!) we were contacted by an individual who was able to solve an important road block to getting the product developed.  There are many many stories like this -- and perhaps many more to come!

As always, it is you, our customers, who are our most important relationship. For example, as we began beta testing the Blu-ray player several months ago we wanted to get real world feedback. We looked to our customers, and in a short period of time had over 500 volunteers testing the new player and providing valuable feedback. Thank you so very much!

One thing we are most excited about with this new Blu-ray player is that we can send automatic updates to the player. Our product roadmap has several software enhancements and improvements, and each of these improvements will be sent automatically to your player. These updates will keep your player current with all the latest ClearPlay technologies.

We just started offering the new players a few days ago, and your support has been overwhelming!  Thank you!  If you would like to purchase a player, click HERE, or give us a call at 1-888-425-3270.

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From your team over here at ClearPlay,

Brick Mansions

Film Father
In the not-to-dystopian future, the ghettos of Detroit have gotten so crime-ridden, they are walled off from the rest of the city. Within these “brick mansions,” criminal elements battle it out on their own, with at least one saintly resident (David Belle) trying to do some good. Enter an undercover cop (Paul Walker, in his last role), tasked with entering the brick mansions and tracking down a neutron bomb stolen by the slum’s chief drug lord (RZA). Walker and Belle’s characters team up to clean up the neighborhood, find the bomb and instigate a lot of action sequences Read More>>>
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Film Father
Jim, a widower, and Lauren, a divorcee, have the most atrocious first date ever. They leave hating each other and return to their lonely lives. But fate pulls a few strings, and Jim, Lauren, and their children all end up on the same vacation together. Families and personalities collide in an African paradise, but they find that perhaps there is a second chance for a first impression. Read More>>>
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Captain America: Winter Soldier

Film Father
After the events of The Avengers, Captain Rogers (aka Captain America) works for S.H.I.E.L.D. helping to keep the world safe. But there is a sinister plot growing inside of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when Nick Fury is taken out, it’s up to Captain America to find the traitors and hunt down the mysterious Winter Soldier before an old enemy gets its hands on a weapon that could kill millions. Read More>>>
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Draft Day

Film Father
The clock is ticking for Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner), general manager of the Cleveland Browns football team. He’s got the seventh pick in a draft that could dictate the success of his team’s future. With at least one immediate impact player primed to go Number One, Sonny must decide what’s most important: his personal life, his team’s needs, and the power of a splashy trade that might change the balance of power in the League. Read More>>>
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Railway Man

Film Father
Eric (Colin Firth) falls in love with Patti (Nicole Kidman), they wed, and it looks like happily ever after. But Patti soon learns that Eric suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is still tormented by his treatment as a POW in a Japanese labor camp. His mental state seems incurable until Eric discovers his chief tormentor from the war is still alive. Eric believes if he confronts his demons, he can release himself from his prolonged captivity. Read More>>>
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Film Father
Quitting time, and Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is done with work. But he’s not heading home. Instead, Locke gets in his car and starts his long journey into night, prompted by marital infidelity. What follows is an hour -and -a -half car trip that has Locke, with his hands- free device, talking to the woman about to have his baby, his family reeling from the surprise news, and his co-workers prepping without their foreman Locke, for one of the most massive concrete laying jobs in the country’s history. Read More>>>
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The Amazing Spiderman 2

Film Father
Peter Parker spends his days and nights keeping New York safe from thugs and villains. He longs to know the truth about his missing parents, and he pushes away the woman he loves to keep her safe and fulfill his promise to her father. When destructive villains emerge from Oscorp and threaten the city with destruction, everything Peter holds dear is at stake, including his love, his life, and his hope for the future. Read More>>>
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