Family Movie Night Activity with Cars

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Get Revved Up For Some Family Fun

With Cars 2 coming out this Summer, you’ll want to be sure to revisit all the hilarious high speed adventures of Lightning McQueen, Mater and the whole gang. You’ll see how McQueen goes from being a self-centered one-man show, to being a friend that others can count on. Shift the fun into high gear with these great ideas for Family Movie Night.

Movie Snacks
*People everywhere recognize Lightning McQueen because of the lightning bolt that stands out against his bright red paint. For dinner, tribute the icon by cutting grilled cheese sandwiches into lightning bolts and serve with tomato or roasted red pepper soup.
*Fillmore, the Hippy Car, serves Lightning some of his homemade organic fuel. Be sure to have some organic fuel for your family by having organic fruit juice or smoothies.
*When Lightning gets new tires from Luigi, he goes with White Wall Tires. Enjoy some White Wall Tire Brownies (or chocolate cookies) to give your dessert a retro look. Cut brownies into a circle, then spread white icing around the outer edge, leaving an un-iced circle in the middle making it look like a tire.

Must Pause Moments
*Mater can drive backwards by using his rear-view mirrors. Stop the movie and see which of you can “drive” backwards the best. Set up a clear, safe path for your kids to “drive” (walk backwards) through to see how everyone does driving backwards.
*When the road is all fixed, everyone goes our for a stroll under the Neon lights. Pause the movie and flip off the lights you regularly have on and turn on a few strings of Christmas or other decorative lights.
*The Pit Stop Crew has to work fast so see if your kids are cut out for the team. Stop the movie once Lightning gets his tires changed and have them go get ready for bed (pajamas, brushed teeth, the works) as fast as they can, then race back to see how the movie ends!

Other Activities
*Dress up in Lightning McQueen Red to show which car you’re rooting for in the Piston Cup.
*Radiator Springs was once a hot spot on the map. Get a big piece of poster board or butcher paper and make a map of your home and town. Be sure to mark out all your favorite places to go.
*Sally takes Lightning on a scenic drive to show him the beautiful view around Radiator Springs. Plan a great scenic drive of your own. Show everyone some of your favorite places in town, take them for a drive up the canyon, out past the fields, or to the shore. No matter where you live, there’s somewhere beautiful you can go to get away from it all!

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom Who Wants to Road Trip Along Route 66

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