Teen & Tweens Movie Night Activities – The Avengers

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“We need a plan of attack…”  “I have a plan. Attack!”

Loki is back on Earth trying to cause all sorts of trouble and the only ones who can stop him are The Avengers! Watch this Oscar nominated film (for best Visual Effects) as they go from a group of independent hero’s fighting with one another to a group that is unstoppable and awesome. Gather your whole family, a group of friends or even throw a theme party with these Movie Night Activities. Get the lowdown on all the movie characters here and read The Avengers review here.

Wear While Watching
*Pick your favorite hero and match the way they dress. You could wear super hero costumes and masks or dress in their alter-ego, everyday clothes and see if people can still tell who you are.
*Make up your own super hero identities and then design and wear your own hero costume. Have masks for everyone to spruce up with stickers and markers and make fabric capes with iron-on insignias and puffy paint decorations.

Home Theater Décor
*Label and decorate each room as a different location in the movie. From the giant flying S.H.E.I.L.D ship, the Stark Tower, to Captain America’s training gym, each place in your home could have everyone feeling like they are somewhere along with The Avengers.
*Make your home an Avengers Fan Club Headquarters, complete with decorations in matching colors, club sign-up sheets and member pins. If you have enough people watching with you, break into teams and root for specific characters. Have each group come up with a cheer for their hero and then when a certain word is said (something like their characters name or the words “earth” or “destroy.”)

Movie Munchies
*With so many unique characters, there are so many dinner or movie snack ideas. Serve Loki Lil’ Smokies, Bean & Ham Hawk(Eye) Soup, Blacked Widow Chicken, Hulk Green Salad, Captain America Apple Pie, Iron Man Ironport soda or Tony Stark Arc(Reactor)tichoke Dip, Thor’s Ham(mer) Burgers, Phil(ly) Colson Cheese Steak sandwiches (also known as I-Thought-His-First-Name-Was-Agent Sandwiches) and Nick Fury Fiery Hot Wings. Share other Avengers inspired recipes or snacks in the comments or on our Facebook page.
*Make a large batch of cut-out sugar cookies then let everyone decorate them to match their favorite member of The Avengers or other character from the movie.

Movie Inspired Adventures
*While trying to defeat Loki and his army, the Avengers do quite a number on all the surrounding buildings. Rebuild everything with Legos, blocks or even cardboard boxes. Be sure to include Stark Tower in your remodel of the city.
*Whether this is the first Marvel movie you’ve seen or the twentieth, there are a lot of intertwined characters and back stories to this film. Have a movie marathon to lead up to The Avengers so you know all about Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and the others. Once you get to know everyone, you’re sure to enjoy The Avengers even more!

*LyndiLou* Avengers Fan Club President

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