Leap Year…

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...And The Oscar Goes to…..Amy Adams!!!!!

An old Irish tradition states that when a woman who proposes to a man on February 29th (aka: Leap Year) that man has to say yes.  Lucky for Anna (Amy Adams) not only has she been in her current relationship for 5 years but she’s ready to wed AND knows of ‘said’ Irish tradition.  Well Leap year is coming up and so she does what any gal would do; she flies to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend.  But the luck of the Irish won’t be with Anna as her travel plans continuously get derailed and the only person willing to help is the handsome innkeeper/taxi driver/chef/everything you could ever want in a man, Declan. An engagement will be in Anna’s future but with whom, I’ll never tell!

If you pay any attention to IMDB’s ratings, then you’ll note that they give this Irish Rom-com 6.1 out of 10 stars, to which I say, “Hmmmph!!!” There is absolutely nothing bad that I could even say about Leap Year.  I love the casting, I love the plot development, I love the quirky Irish humor, I love the scenery, I even love the 2 kisses (you can really tell an actor’s merit based on how well they play into the on-screen kiss).  Amy Adams, who btw is my best friend inside my head, is up for an Oscar for her supporting role in The Master and if she’s anything as engaging, endearing, and witty as she is in Leap Year, then I’d say she’s got this award “In the Bag”!!

Motherly Advice: Watched with medium filters you’ll see Amy Adams wearing just a towel, and a few minutes later a piece of tasteful negligee.  Also there are a couple of formal gowns that she wears that are either strapless or just one strap.  One very short shot also shows Matthew Goode in just a towel.  There are exactly 2 kissing scenes between Adams and Goode, but they are perfectly appropriate. There is, however, one scene where an older couple is shown full on French kissing, it lasts for about 7 seconds, and is, to say the least, disgusting!  As for violence, there’s one fighting scene that is actually funnier than it is intense, and one scene that implies (and you hear) Goode cracking a chicken’s neck.  That was a little disturbing!  Lastly, and not surprising since it does mostly take place in Ireland, there are a LOT of drinking scenes. One where Adams gets drunk, but the rest they are just drinking beer or champagne etc.  I would recommend this film for ages 13+.

Trisha~ Don’t judge me because I happen to have celebrities as best friends and you don’t! So what if it is just in my head!

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