The Prestige

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Are You Watching Closely?

Two rival magicians (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) will stop at almost nothing for the greatest trick a magician can offer. The transported man. But who will be willing to sacrifice what it costs to be the greatest? And can you figure out how they do it?

When I saw this for the first time in theaters I wanted to turn right back around and see it again. The movie itself is a great magic trick, one you want to see over and over so you can figure it out for yourself. The Academy has nominated Hugh Jack this year for Best Actor in his role in Les Miserables. While his role in The Prestige isn't as stunning and dramatic he still portrays Robert Angier with passion/verging on lunacy and his role as his own drunkard double with comedy and flare. This film is a favorite at our house, while it is dark and a bit sinister at times I love how it keeps you guessing and how well the story is told. A definite worthwhile rental! Plus you'll even get a David Bowie sighting in there (what's spookier than that?)

Motherly Advice: Even with your filters set on Medium you'll still get your share of disturbances from this one. You'll witness two drownings in those magician tanks, one gun shot wound to the hand and one gun shot to kill. You'll see two implied premarital relationships and one extramarital relationship (no sex or even implied sex though). You'll also see an implied suicide by hanging and an execution by hanging. You don't see the person commit the suicide but you'll see her touch a rope and then suddenly the camera is panning across her hands as they dangle limply at her sides. Lastly, Scarlet Johanssen has a few stage outfits that are quite scant or non-existent around the shoulders and cleavage area. I'm going to say this one would be o.k. for your teens 15 and older.

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