Family Movie Night Activity - Kung Fu Panda 2

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“Every Master Must Find His Path To Inner Peace.”

Now that Po is the Dragon Warrior, he and the Furious Five are doing a great job of protecting China. Po’s Kung-Fu skills are put to the test when he meets a Peacock with an unmatchable weapon who knows more about Po's past than Po does. Can Po stop a crazy Peacock, save China and find inner peace? Find out with this fun Movie Night! If you’re still trying to decide if you should see this film, check out the review here.

Movie Snacks*Po fits a record breaking 40 Bean Buns into his mouth at one time. Serve up some Bean Buns to your family or play a game where you see how many of one food item (like marshmallows) you can fit into your mouth at once. Remember, it’s just a game… no choking allowed! We wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt while trying to compete with the Dragon Warrior.
*Po’s Dad renamed his restaurant so now you can turn your kitchen into The Dragon Warrior Noodles & Tofu. Serve up noodles, tofu dessert, Secret Ingredient Soup and Dragon Warrior Size Dumplings.
*When Po is a baby, he shows up at his Dad’s house in a delivery of vegetables. The baby panda ate all the radishes, and you and yours could enjoy some as well. Serve them with dip, and some of your other favorite vegetables and snack on them throughout the movie.
*Bake up a loaf of this super cute and creative Panda Bread. (It takes a while to make, so you might consider making the dough before you start the movie then doing the different steps throughout the movie so that it will be done by the time the show is over.)
Must Pause Moments*Shen sends his followers out looking for metal. Break out the metal detectors or just grab some magnets and have a metal scavenger hunt of your own. Consider hiding specific things around the room, or make a list of certain items you want everyone to race and find.
*Let your family show off their best Kung Fu moves and poses while the Dragon Warrior & Furious Five are defending the Musician Town against Shen’s men. Remember to pause the movie for a bit and let everyone have an Inner peace break with Master Shi Fu to get everyone settled down again for the rest of the show.
*When Po finds his inner peace, he’s able to dodge the firework-like cannon balls that Shen shoots at him. Take a time out and let each of your family members ward off some “cannon balls” as well, by playing dodge ball or by deflecting bean bags or even pillows.
Other Activities*The peacocks at the beginning of the movie discover fireworks and how entertaining they can be for people to watch. Check and see if it’s legal during this time of year, and if it is then put on a firework show for your family.
*Decorate your movie viewing area or kitchen to look like Po’s father’s restaurant. You’ll need red lanterns and colorful banners and bunting hanging from the ceiling, along with posters of the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five.
*Check out the great places online that have printable masks, coloring pages, party favors and decorations for your Kung Fu Panda 2 movie night or party.
*Have a Kung Fu Panda marathon and watch both the original movie and this sequel. For more activity ideas, check out the Family Movie Night post for the first movie.

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