Midnight in Paris

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Staying Up Past 10:00pm Actually Can Broaden Your Horizons!

Gil is a successful Hollywood screenwriter who longs to be a novelist the likes of Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Soon to be wed to fiancĂ© Inez, the two take a spur of the moment trip to the national city of Romance, Paris France.  Inez is there to shop and relax while Gil is looking for inspiration on his first novel.  Which he finds every night at midnight when he’s whisked away, in a Rolls Royce no less, to meet some of the most iconic authors of all time.  Both Inez and Gill find what they are seeking in beautiful Paris, but will it change the path of their future together forever?

 Before you rent this film one slice of knowledge that you’ll want to keep in mind is that Midnight in Paris is a Woody Allen film. So know that you are diving into a film that is just plain quirky.  You’ll also find a cast studded with a dozen uber famous and brilliant actors which only added to the movie’s nostalgic undertones.  Being that I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the plot of the movie, especially since some of my favorite books were written by Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby, sigh….) and Hemingway (A Farewell to Arms, again, sigh…) but you don’t have to be all that familiar with the roaring twenties in order to enjoy the film.  A movie with beautiful scenery, historic nostalgia, and fantastic acting, yeah, I’d say Midnight In Paris would be a film not to miss out on.

Motherly Advice: I watched this film with all of my filters on medium and I was spared quite a few expletives.  I didn’t see any sexually inappropriate scenes, or even any outfits that were too outrageously immodest.  I was a little bit afraid of both these categories since half of the movie is set in the twenties.  Having said this, I was bothered by the very storyline, which is that Gil and Inez are engaged and yet both find themselves in compromising situations, both debating infidelity.  There is also quite a bit of alcohol scenes, ie: wine tasting, drinking both in Gil’s present life and when he takes his trips back to the twenties.  Watching with the filters set, your kids could watch it with you but the storyline is more appropriate for ages 15+.

Trisha~If a Rolls Royce came to pick you up at midnight, would you get in? I just might!

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