Family Movie Night Activity with Kung-Fu Panda

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"There Is No Charge For Awesomeness Or Attractiveness"

Legend tells of a legendary movie whose Family Movie Night appeal was the stuff of legend! You are sure to have some fun watching Kung Fu Panda this time with these Family Movie Night Activities from ClearPlay.

Movie Snacks

* One of the first scenes in the movie shows Po working in his father's Noodle House. Serve up some noodles and eat just like the Dragon Warrior himself.
* Soon after Po finds out he is the Dragon Warrior, he finds the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. Serve up your favorite peachy treat while enjoying the rest of the show.
* Po likes to eat when he is upset and one of the snacks that gets devoured during his emotional eating is a container of Almond Cookies. Grab some cookies for your family before Po eats them all.
* As Master Shifu teaches Po Kung Fu, he uses dumplings as incentive. Now is a great time to try your hand at making dumplings or order some for take-out!

Must-Pause Moments

* You know that your kids could easily start karate... I mean... kung fu chopping each other pretty quickly with this one. Stop the fights before they start by letting your kids do some slow-motion Kung Fu and let them come up with their very best Kung Fu pose. Take pictures, print them off and make Kung-Fu Cards or their own Furious Five Poster. Be sure to roll them up so they look like scrolls.
* Grab one of those Almond cookies, or another favorite snack and place under one of three bowls. Play "Find the Dumpling" like Shifu and Po do during the classic scene where Po finally learns Kung Fu, by switching the bowls around and having someone guess which bowl it ended up being under.

Other Fun Activities

* Kung Fu warriors are very flexible and agile. See which of your family members has the most Kung-Fu potential by seeing what super stretchy Kung Fu moves you can each do. Just be careful while you have fun!
* Play 'Furious Five Charades' and see if you can guess which animal each family member is imitating.
* Make some 'Secret Ingredient Soup' and let each family member add their own Secret Ingredient to a bowl. Take turns tasting it and see if you can guess the secret ingredient.

If you get "all mystical and kung-fu-y" with these fun ideas, you're sure to have an evening to remember. We just hope your family doesn't "go blind because of over-exposure to awesomeness"!

*LyndiLou*- Movie Mom That Had The Noodle Dream

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