Family Movie Night Activity with Disney's A Christmas Carol

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“You keep Christmas in your own way and let me keep it in mine!”

If you’re going to watch a movie during the holidays, chances are you’ll be watching at least one version of the Dicken’s story, “A Christmas Carol.” With this week’s Movie Night Activities, you can host a Christmas movie party featuring this accurate yet spooky version of the classic tale. Have a fun Movie Night as you let yourself become re-dedicated to loving & helping others, while celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. Still deciding who should see this movie, check out the review here.

Wear While Watching:
*Because this movie is set in the mid 19th Century, you could invite your guests to dress in time period appropriate clothing. Have a Victorian Ball themed dinner and movie night complete with top hats for the gentleman and fancy dresses for the ladies, or try to dress up like one of the three spirits.
*Scrooge travels through time all night long in his pajamas. Have your family or guests come ready for bed and have a PJ party while you watch the show. Consider having Scrooge-like night caps for each of your guests to wear and keep as a party favor.

Home Theater Décor:
*If you’re having a Victorian movie night, decorate to match. Use candles, holly boughs, pine cones, gifts ON the Christmas Tree and other time period décor’. (You can find all sorts of ideas by searching online.)
*Be sure to have your home decorated for Christmas however you like… as long as it’s decorated. Maybe you love nativities, candy canes, snowflakes or jolly St. Nick and his reindeer. However you celebrate, make sure your home is decorated to show off your holiday spirit.

Movie Munchies:
*At first, all Scrooge cares about is money, but by the end of the show he’s a lot more generous. Have some chocolate gold coins to share with your family to show you‘ve learned to give and share, just as Scrooge did.
*Scrooge thinks that Marley’s Ghost could just be a side effect from what he’s eaten that day. Have some appetizers to snack on like cheese & crackers, pretzels & mustard dip, or biscuits & gravy for your family or guests and see if they have any spirits visit them later that night.
*Enjoy a lovely, old fashioned Christmas dinner just like Scrooge enjoys at his nephew's home. Serve Turkey, Goose or Quail, potatoes, apples, mince pie, Yorkshire pudding, dressing, plum pudding, and more. In those days, one gift or other was often the feast itself.

Movie Inspired Adventures:
*On his way home on Christmas Eve, Bob Cratchit slides down the street on the ice. Go ice skating as part or your movie night fun and enjoy slipping and sliding like Bob Cratchit did.
*Play a round of “Twenty Questions” where you have everyone guess what you’re thinking of starting with “Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral” and see if people can guess what you’re thinking of.
*“A Christmas Carol” is all about someone having a change of heart and looking out for their fellow man. Let the movie touch you and your guests. Have each guest bring a small, nice gift, toy or even a few cans of food that you can donate to a local group/charity to help those in need this holiday season. Give back to your fellow men while you celebrate this year!

*LyndiLou* - “God Bless Us, Every One!” 

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