The Parent Trap

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Two Thumbs Up!

I must be having some summer withdrawals with the last couple reviews. Oh well, the kids don't really care what season our movies are set in as long as they're watching a movie.

This remake of the old classic stars Lindsay Lohan before she went Hollywood crazy and back when she was this adorable and innocent little freckled preteen. She plays the mischievous twins who find one another at summer camp. Neither one having any idea that they had a twin or another parent decide to switch places so that Hallie can meet her Mom and Annie can meet her Dad. But the big key to this plan is when their parents discover them and have to meet again after 11 years of separation. The twins plot a new love connection. But will the trap work?
Lindsay Lohan is simply adorable in this. She steals the show and makes us fall in love with her! Dennis Quad and the late Natasha Richardson are perfect as the long lost parents and star crossed lovers. While super duper far fetched the plot is SO cute and fun and the two houses that each parent lives in are absolutely gorgeous (I'd go for the sprawling home on the vineyard myself). So, even though there aren't any musical numbers in this one, it's a fun visit to take. I realized for the first time that I actually have never seen the original. I think I'll introduce myself to that one and let you know which one is better.

Motherly Advice: Wow. With Blasphemy filters set on Medium there was quite a lot filtered out (for a PG movie). The most filtering came in for the language. Also, putting your Sex filters on most will filter out a conversation Annie has with her wicked step mother-to-be where Annie says 'sex' and 'sexy' in almost the same sentence. This filter setting will also cut out some kissing scenes but doesn't cut out the real juicy one at the end between Quad and Richardson. This kiss was a little awkward to watch with our young children, the couple isn't completely making out but they do this weird lip thing and then, like, smear their smiles on each other...awkward. Some thematic elements in the movie you or your children may be sensitive to are the topics of divorce, remarriage to much younger spouses, splitting up of siblings and deceitful children pulling expensive tricks like this. Plus you'll most likely want a Nanny and/or a Butler afterwards. With filters in place I think though that the film is suitable for kids 5 and up.

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