The Ugly Truth

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The UGLY Truth on The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl stars in The Ugly Truth as an obsessive compulsive, career driven, TV Producer Abby Richter who is simply looking for the man of her dreams. But finding this perfect man is proving to be impossible, as he must go through her checklist meeting every criteria bullet for bullet. She thinks she has found the perfect man, when her boss hires hot-headed, chauvinistic Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) to help boost her show's ratings. Mike's rude and seemingly unrealistic views on relationships and their "Ugly Truth" at first offend and irate Abby, but in the end she may find herself swallowing a bit of her own medicine.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet (well, maybe): If you value watching the entirety of a show, do NOT watch The ugly Truth. My husband and I watched this movie and started out with the ClearPlay filter settings on Most. After 20 minutes of this we literally had NO idea what was going on in the movie because there were so many swear words and inappropriate scenes. So next we put our ClearPlay settings on Medium thinking, "Ok, maybe with medium settings we'll see a make-out scene of two but at least we'll be able to understand what's going on." But this also proved to be insufficient. Again, we moved our settings to the lowest, and even then we still were missing half of the dialogue on this setting, we were 20 minutes from the ending scene, completely frustrated, had heard more cussing than what we'd typically desire to see in a given movie (still NOT as bad as the movie viewed without ClearPlay). We felt like we'd wasted two hours of our precious evening! NOT to mention how unimpressed with the acting by both Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. I love both of these actors but seeing them in a movie where they both swore every two words was completely disappointing. The Ugly Truth was just plain Ugly!

Motherly Advice: My advice, skip this one. Too many swear words to even count, sexual inferences, alcoholic consumption, revealing clothing, bad acting etc. etc. etc.

Trisha-On a Good Note--if you want to see Gerard Butler in a REALLY good movie, rent Dear Frankie!!

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