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Don't you think Mother's Day should really be Mother's Week? I do! So what do you say? Let's celebrate Moms all week long on the ClearPlay blog. Whoo! Us Movie Moms are just the gals to remind you of some memorable moms from the movies. We've all got our favorites and we're gonna share 'em. The Movie Moms are bringing to you...Movie Moms!

Favorites 1-4
I tried the best I could to come up with my favorite "Mom Movie" of all time and for me--it was impossible to whittle it down any farther than to my top four--number one favorites. Sorry--I've never been so good at playing ultimate favorites. The world is just too big for that. That said, here you are...

#1-1 Safe Passage
Perhaps I love this one because the mom (Susan Sarandon) is a playful, quirky, childlike mom who in the midst of a huge family crisis only gets...quirkier--which is fine with me. In fact, I can quickly and easily relate to this mom in a dozen directions because motherhood isn't about always behaving properly. In fact, sometimes instinctive, "monster-mother" is pretty close to perfect.

#1-2 Flight Plan
Oooh, this is a good one. Of course, you have to resign yourself to an hour and a half stomachache, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more ferocious, protective mama than Jodi Foster. Dang tense, but incredibly satisfying.

#1-3 Dear Frankie
My favorite lines from this movie are, "I'm his mother and I lie to him...every day.""No. You protect him. Every day." Doesn't hurt one bit that the last line is spoken by Gerard Butler in a thick Scottish accent. Sweet, sweet movie.

#1-4 August Rush
Even though the mama in this film doesn't realize that she is the mama for the first part of the movie--once she is aware that her child is out there, somewhere--there is nothing that will stand in her way to prevent her from finding him and claiming him. If you believe in the mother-child connection, as I do--this is exactly how you want her to behave.

Happy Mom's Day


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