Skipped Flicks--Back to the Future

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Back to the Future-"Hello-McFly!"

Oh, how well I remember watching this film for the first time. Michael J. Fox--he was just so cute!--going back in time and messing up his own future and then having to set it all right again. In those days, my kids were way too little to care anything about this great classic. Then, fast forward a few years--when most of them are teens. We haven't seen it in nearly a decade--so it will all be a perfect Family Night movie--right? Hmmmm. Yeah. Didn't turn out as well as we'd planned. In fact, I remember being so embarrassed to brag up this movie to my kids and having my 9 year old leave the room muttering, "That guy has a potty mouth."

Now, fast forward again. Same kids--ten years older...with ClearPlay. We laughed, we shrieked, we bit our nails and laughed some more. What a great movie--made so much more enjoyable without the useless crude language and swearing. Oh, and Michael J. Fox is still so darn cute!

If you are a big Back to the Future fan and live close to Los Angeles, then here's some pretty cool news for you. During the week of November 5-12, Back to the Future fans are going to come together to re-create Marty Mcfly's week in 1955. It's all part of the celebration of the film's 25th anniversary. Some of the cast and crew of the films will be there and you'll be able to:

* visit the original filming locations
* get up close to some time machine DeLoreans
* check out some of the props of the original film
* ride a hover board
* attend a full re-creation of the enchantment "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance"

For the full schedule along with information on how you can get tickets, check out All proceeds for the event go to Team Fox for Parkinson's Research.

Launi--Time Taveler's Wife...wanabe.

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