Get Hard

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I remember watching Ordinary People at a theater that edited movies for explicit content. In one scene, a character erupts in foul language, all of which played in silence, followed by the offended mom character saying, “That may be the way they talk at the hospital, but that’s not the way we talk here!” The unintended hilarity caused the audience to erupt in laughter, and reminded me that some movies won’t survive the ClearPlay touch. Get Hard is one of those movies. In it a white collar worker (Will Ferrell) is accused of criminal behavior. Dreading prison life, he enlists the help of someone (Kevin Hart) he supposes is ‘hood and hoosegow savvy, to help him toughen up

ClearPlay NOT In Action!

ClearPlay attacks Get Hard with necessary gusto. The movie’s profanity is in the neighborhood of 250 instances, with nearly 100 F­-words. There is also lots of nudity, crudity, and other bad behavior, so much in fact that ClearPlay is not presenting this movie in ClearPlayed form. Sometimes you examine the finished product and say, “What’s the point?”

Well, then, how can I get Get Hard?...

ClearPlay will not clean up a movie if the viewing experience ends up being a negative one. Get Hard was critically panned, and even audiences that knew what to expect were underwhelmed. For a movie that wallows in foulness (including a questionable title), Get Hard ends up being appropriate for no one. Unless you find jokes about prison rape outrageously funny. In which case, you’re on your own.

Marty Nabhan, ClearPlay Slammer Slammer

Rated R for pervasive crude and sexual content and language, some graphic nudity, and drug material; 100 mins; Directed by Etan Cohen