Blu-ray Player "Time is Precious" Winners

What a treat to read all your comments! 

We've read all 440 entries and enjoyed every minute. 

It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just three.  We couldn't possible ask for a better community of families!

The winners of the player and 18 months membership are:

1. Karali Hunter -- Loved it! Napping always beats floor sweeping!

2. Sean McCarl Smith -- Here's to spending time to catching one more dragonfly and reading one more page of a story to our kids!

3. Erika Robledo Manangon -- There were so many outstanding comments, that for our third entry we decided to use a random number generator to pick a comment. How cool that it picked you Erika! Looks like your luck is turning around!

4. Bonus! We also picked the entry with the most Facebook likes -- Ryan LazerBeam Mullen! Our engineering team had no idea ClearPlay offered these additional features! (We all got a BIG chuckle out of your response! Thanks!!!)

We will send the winners direct messages to get your shipping information!

Thanks EVERYONE for all your comments. 
What a fantastic community!

From all of us at ClearPlay
Enjoy the Show! 
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