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 Spellbinding Indeed!

Ella (Anne Hathaway) of Frell was given a “gift” from her fairy Godmother when she was born.  The gift,  or possibly a curse, as she grows older is she must be obedient no matter what.  A new King is about to be crowned in Frell and Ella has begun to grow fond of him.  She isn’t the only one that has noticed his charms and her evil stepsisters and the current King use Ella’s mandatory obedience for their own menacing plans. Check out the Enchanted Review here.

Movie Snacks
*Eat like the Royals - set up a buffet of tea sandwiches in different varieties and sizes, have individual cakes or petit fours (easily done just using a variety of cookie cutters to cut out of a sheet cake and then frost and decorate) and cookies for dessert. If you happen to have silver platters use those for serving or you could cover your plates with tin foil for a similar effect but not quite so fancy.
*Now don’t forget fruits or vegetables which were a treat even for the Royals.  You could serve bunches of red and green grapes with a variety of cheeses. 
*For a drink with your Royal meal serve sparkling cider or juice in fancy glasses.  Or if you want to drink like the Giants in the movie you could have root beer served in mugs.

Must Pause Moments
*When Ella receives the gift of obedience from her fairy Godmother, give someone in the room a wand and let them have the power to choose who must be obedient to what they say and then take turns.
*Throughout the movie there are many times they sing and dance, when you feel like you need to get some wiggles out either pause the movie and have your own sing/dance off or get up and join in with the characters in the movie.

Other Activities
*Before the movie begins dress up in your favorite prince or princess costume to get in the mood.
*Make crowns for the boys and tiaras for the girls to enhance your costumes and embrace your inner prince or princess.
*For a game you could play pin the crown/tiara on the prince/princess.
*Pick up some inexpensive foam swords (I often find them at dollar stores) and pair 2 people up for a duel.
*If you have any large boxes laying around turn them into a castle for your little ones to imagine being the ruler of.

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