Ella Enchanted

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A Fairytale For the Young And Old!

Ask any parent if giving the gift of obedience to their children would be a wise decision and I’ll bet 99.9% of those parents would scream, “YES!!” and/or “HALLELUJAH!!”  But ask Ella of Ferill (Anne Hathaway) and she’ll tell you that the gift of obedience is more of a curse than anything.  A gift given to her by her Fairy God Mother, Ella has lived her life in constant demand, by her stepmother and stepsisters, but also by unknowing friends and family.  Ella begrudgingly lives with the “gift” until one day she meets Prince Char who is handsome and charming and totally ignorant to his evil Uncle’s plan to take over the Kingdom and have him killed.  Hmm, now to find someone who would have to kill Prince Char if she were specifically asked to do so.  Will Ella rise above the curse of obedience and spare the life of her one and only true love?

First of all, I can’t believe we haven’t reviewed this fun and witty little doo-hickey for you all! Secondly, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this fun and witty little doo-hickey! It’s SO cute! Of course I’m a huge fan of the story of Cinderella, in all of its shapes and forms (although if I had to rate them, Ever After would be my #1 favorite version). Part of the fun”ness” of Ella Enchanted is that it’s set in the sixteenth century costumes and scenery, but the dialogue and attitude is modern day. So don’t be surprised when you see things like a staircase that moves up and down like an escalator. Or a carriage that is painted bright yellow like a taxicab but is being pulled by horses.  I watched this film with my parents in the room and my husband and not only did all of us chuckle quite a few times but we all really liked it, PLUS, there weren’t any parts that I was thinking, “Oh man, this is awkward, why did they have to put that in the movie…” So despite IMDB’s mid-range rating of 6, I’d give Ella Enchanted a score that rates more around 9! Watch it to see if you agree!

Motherly Advice: I actually watched Ella Enchanted with my filters set on the lowest settings and I honestly don’t know what was cleared out. Which is why I am delighted to review a movie that I can say would be appropriate for all ages! Of course since it’s a princess fairytale, your girls ages 10+ would be the most interested but hey, if my 60+ father can watch it and think it’s cute then I think it’s OK for anyone and everyone! I will say one surprising scene was that of Ella’s costume during the very last scene, it was extremely low cut and her skirt about 12 inches above her knee. Bummer! But that’s just during the last singing/dancing part and really you could turn it off before that scene if you are concerned about your young girls getting a bad impression.

Trisha~ I’ve told you mine, now you tell me your favorite Cinderella version!

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