Beasts of the Southern Wild

Film Father
A little girl named Hushpuppy lives with her father in a small community called Bathtub, a town situated on an island in a southern delta. Poor and surviving in squalor, the dreaded happens: a storm floods Bathtub, saltwater slowly killing everything. Hushpuppy and her father struggle against his health problems, trying to cling to what’s left of their beloved town.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay mutes about 25 instances of swearing and religious exclamations. There are also a couple of disturbing images clipped out. With filters, Beasts of the Southern Wild would be appropriate for teens and up.

Will I Be Wild About these Beasts?…

Whether or not you like Beasts of the Southern Wild, you will be captivated by the depiction of this impoverished community and the independent little girl cast as the star. After a while, the initial fascination wears off and the slow pace and mellow plot will take its toll on your interest. The acting is first rate, however, and if nothing else the film is a valuable look at another culture and an invitation to develop strength to prepare for hard times.

Brian Fuller– Beast of the ClearPlay Not So Wild
Rated PG-13 for thematic material including child imperilment, some disturbing images, language and brief sensuality; 93 min; Directed By Benh Zeitlin
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