Movie Night Activity with Hugo

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The Invention of Movie Night

Hugo Cabret is an orphan who lives within the clocks and walls of a train station. As he and his new friend try to figure out a mystery involving an automaton and his friend's father, you and your family can have a memorable movie night together with this Family Movie Night Activity. To find out if this movie is right for you family here's our full review of Hugo.

Movie Snacks
* At the beginning of the movie Hugo steals a fresh (and absolutely delicious looking) croissant roll and a bottle of milk. Buy or make some croissants too and have a couple of milk chugs from the store.
* This film ends up being all about movies (old ones) so make some traditional movie snacks; lots of popcorn served in old school red and white striped containers, red vines, cracker jacks and some soda.

* After this movie you're creative kids might be really interested in building things, so make sure the Lego's are ready, puzzles are in place or model cars/airplanes are ready to go for crafty hands wanting to build things.
* The Station Inspector has a seriously thick set of eyebrows and a healthy black mustache. Even though it may not be Mustache Movember, find a crafty way of creating mustaches and eyebrows using construction paper,  classic black combs, yarn, pipe cleaner etc. Let everyone make their own awesome mustaches and eyebrows.
* If your feeling particularly extravagant for movie night, get all the supplies needed to assemble your own clock. To find out how just do this search on Pinterest and you'll find a myriad of easy, fun ideas to make something as a family to display prominently in your movie room.
* Let your kids make their own movie or play just like Georges used to do and let them perform it with you or for you. Go the whole the nine yards and make costumes, do make up and invent creative props and effects. The kids will never forget it!

* When Hugo finally gets the automaton working for the first time it starts to draw something. If you haven't seen the movie before then everyone can shout out guesses as to what the automaton is trying to draw.
*There's a scene where the Station Inspector practices his best smile but it doesn't go quite right for him. Pause the show, take out the camera and let everyone practice there best, or worst, or funniest smiles (or try to smile awkwardly like the Inspector).
* In one scene Hugo is running and hiding from the Station Inspector, he has to dodge objects, people and pets in order to hide and get away. Set up an obstacle course in you're movie room and see who can make it through first.
* One of the funniest parts of the movie is when the bathtub goes flying through the house collecting occupants. Pause here and everyone run to the nearest bathtub and see if you can fit the whole family in there.

* Check out the unusual book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. The story is largely told using only pencil drawn pictures.

Danielle'- Movie Mom and Movie Night Inventor
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