Ruby Sparks

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May Spark the Imagination

As many a story written about a writer goes, our hero has writer's block. In this particular story Calvin, the writer, begins to write about his dream girl when suddenly she is willed into existence. His existence.

Well one thing is for certain, this isn't really the movie that it's trailer portrays. It's not a light hearted rom-com and it's not fun or funny. In fact, the first half of it was down right boring. Fortunately for me (the reviewer, who must finish every movie no matter how boring) I watched it all the way through and was actually quite pleasantly surprised by it's ending. True I had to make it through the boring beginning, the mediocre middle and an uncomfortable scene towards the end that made me truly hate our hero Calvin. But, the ending was solid. It made me, even though I was all alone in the movie room, smile despite it's slow beginning. So, if you like something a little slower and more thoughtful give it a whirl.

Motherly Advice: My medium filters kept me quite safe with this one. You'll still see Ruby in a couple revealing outfits, a bathing suit, in just her underwear (about to step into a pool with a stranger) and one with Calvin's shirt on with her underwear showing beneath. Implied premarital sex and living arrangements are obvious and the idea of making another human being do whatever you may want them to do could potentially be hurtful or offensive to some. I'd say with your filters set to Medium or Most this would be o.k. for audiences 15 and up.

Danielle' - Working on Creating a Housekeeper from My Imagination

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