Family Movie Night Activity: Garfield

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That Fat Cat Has Wit!!

That fat lazy cat we all know as Garfield is at it again.  Jon Arbuckle has just adopted another pet in the form of a dog, Odie, and Garfield is far from happy about it.  The two fight like cats and dogs (literally) and when Odie runs away Garfield will find out what it feels like to lose a best friend. 

Movie Snacks
 *The one thing that we know about Garfield is that he loves lasagna.  So start your FMNA with a steaming hot dish of lasagna for dinner. Be sure to set the tone for the evening by talking about how you grew up watching that ol’ fat cat early every Saturday morning.
*Though the movie is called Garfield, 99% of the entertainment comes from his interaction with Odie, so in a nod to his trusty companion, make a big batch of puppy chow (also called Muddie Buddies) to snack on during the film. Here's a great recipe for Muddie Buddies.
*As we all know Garfield always scores a big beautiful homemade pie sitting on one of the neighbor’s window seals.  After the movie, strategically place a hot pie on one of your wider and more secure window seals and bate the kids to go check what is there.  Enjoy pie (and ice cream if you have room) as a family whilst talking about your favorite Garfield antics.

Must Pause Moments
 *We all have a soft spot for Odie or secretly love how conniving Garfield is, so before the movie starts use name tag stickers with either “Team Garfield” or “Team Odie” and have everyone choose which “team” they are on.
*At about the 22-minute mark, Odie and Garfield are having a dance-athon, so a good way to get the wiggles out is to pause the movie, turn on a fun dance song and dance your little hearts out. Depending on how antsy your kids are, you could do a repeat “dance party” somewhere around the 80 minute mark.
*Towards the end of the movie Garfield and Jon and some of the other neighborhood dogs are on the look out for Odie who has boarded a train, it gets a little intense so a fun way to alleviate the stress would be to pause the movie, clear your living room and sit in a choo-choo train all together, once you un-pause the movie, be sure to hold hands so the train stays together.

Other Activities
 *The original Garfield movie came out in 2004, and then in 2006 the sequel, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties was released.  If the family enjoyed the first movie, then plan another FMNA to watch the second installment.

Trisha~ This may be the perfect movie for kids of all ages, but listen to all of Garfield’s one-liners, even the adults will be laughing throughout the entire movie!

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