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Will You Cheer for Family Bootleggers?

The Bondurant brothers run a successful bootlegging business in the early 1930's but when the local 'law makers' suddenly want a share in the profits the eldest brother Forest stands his ground against it. But when he gets injured his youngest brother Jack thinks he can run things better and decides to turn the business a different direction.

Set during the depression age and based on the true story of the real Bondurant brothers this movie has a slow and quiet appeal. I was surprised to find myself so keenly interested in how things were going to turn out for these brothers and how things went for bootleggers during this age. Each and every performance was impeccably delivered, even Mia Wasikowska did alright as a preachers daughter (I've had bad feelings for her ever since she completely botched her role in Jane Eyre). I'm a new Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain fan and Shia is great in everything. If you're OK with everything I'll be mentioning in the Motherly Advice then this one is definitely worth the rental.

Motherly Advice: I had my filters securely set to Medium for everything and for us it was perfect, however there is still plenty to be aware of before you decide to rent this one. What still remained was lots of violence and plenty of illegal alcohol selling and consumption (obviously since their bootleggers). One scene implies that a woman is raped. You see her attackers closing in and then later you see her safe in her own room but crying with bruises on her arms. Plenty of people get beat up with use of steel knuckles, shovels, the butts of guns etc. and there is a big gun fight scene where a bunch of people get shot. I'm pretty sensitive to real brutal violence in movies and while I did cringe once or twice with this one the filters were excellent and I'd certainly watch it again. This one is for adults only for sure though.

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