Grumpy Old Men

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Surely You Won’t Be Grumpy After This!

John (Jack Lemmon) and Max (Walter Matthau) were once friends a long time ago but now are feuding neighbors who just can’t resist falling for the same women.  Ariel (Ann Margaret) a beautiful younger vibrant woman has just moved in across the street and has both men vying for her affections.  The competition between them almost drives them crazy with the constant tricks they play on each other.  Will they see that it's finally time to grow up and mend fences or stay Grumpy Old Men?

Grumpy Old Men takes place in the cold tundra that I call home, Minnesota. Matthau and Lemmon are a riot with their sarcastic banter back and forth, but not to be outdone by Burgess Meredith who plays John’s dad Grandpa Gustafson, (I’ll speak about his character in my Motherly Advice).  Matthau is the Grandpa-type character I would love to be a part of my family with his silly, cranky but lovable demeanor. I enjoyed the humor, the heart and so-called enemies that would do anything for each other. 

Motherly Advice:  I was surprised at how much language was filtered in this movie and vulgar jokes.  Meredith, as I remember from when I watched this without filters, has the biggest potty mouth of them all! I will admit he is quite funny telling some of the jokes I would normally be quite appalled by, but with his age and him speaking to his elderly son it just comes out funny.  With my filters at Most Filtering his dialogue was mostly skipped.  Some conversations regarding sex occur between some of the characters, they don’t go into specifics just discuss wanting or having had relations.  This is geared more to an adult audience but for filtered content it would be okay for ages 12 and older.

Hannah –  “The only things in life we regret are the chances not taken”, well said Ariel.

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