About A Boy

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A Hidden Christmas Treasure

Will Freeman is probably the most selfish man you’ll ever meet. He lives off of is deceased father’s famous Christmas song royalties and hasn’t worked a day in his life.  Yep, he thought his life was full, until he meets 12-year-old Marcus Brewer, a teased and bullied kid whom Will takes pity on and decides to befriend him.  After just a short time Will’s Grinch of a heart will swell 99% until he realizes that before Marcus, his life was empty. But as usual, Will royally messes things up and it’ll take a Christmas miracle to put his delicate friendship with Marcus back together.

10 out of 4 stars. Yes, off the chart. One of the best movies of all time. L.O.V.E it! About A Boy will tug at your heartstrings; make you fall in love with the super selfish Will and the quirky pre-teen Marcus.  I loved the acting, loved the storyline, love the moral of the story.  One boy who thinks of nothing but making his mum happy even if it means being the center of ridicule, and another boy who thinks of nothing but himself, only to find out that there’s more to life. You may not think of it as a Christmas movie, but they go through two Christmas’ and it’s all about self-discovery, being selfless, and family. Good ‘nuff for me!

Motherly Advice: As usual I watched About A Boy with my filters on medium. As aforementioned, I loved this film, but I’m not going to hesitate to say that this movie is for adults.  Will smokes and drinks; he also preys on single mothers to ultimately take advantage of their vulnerable, emotional state of being.  Marcus’ mum is chronically depressed and tries to commit suicide, which I know kids these days learn about in school but I still wouldn’t want them watching it in a movie being viewed in my home. One of Will’s girlfriends wears a pretty short skirt with an off-the-shoulder blouse. Lastly, bullying. Marcus is bullied at school, he’s incredibly brave through it all but still a conversation about bullying may be appropriate if you are watching with teenagers.  I think this is a movie for adults because of the heavy content, but with medium filters it is clean enough for ages 15+.

Trisha~ Coincidence that two of my favorite Christmas films star Hugh Grant? (About a Boy & Love Actually)

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