You’ve Got Mail

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 Watch Out For The Big Bad Wolf Fox!

Who could resist Katherine Kelly’s (Meg Ryan) adorable, picturesque bookstore “The Shop Around the Corner”?  Well, most couldn’t until a bigger and lower priced superstore moves in just across the street cutting in on Katherine’s business.  Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) of Fox Books (the big superstore) is all business and feelings never mix with business.  Unbeknownst to them, their business rivalry, and their less than affectionate feelings for each other manifests itself differently online. 

I get swept away in this fairytale romance, it makes me blissfully happy!  You’ve Got Mail is a completely charming story with wonderful chemistry and delightful acting from Hanks and Ryan. We loved them in Sleepless in Seattle and they did it again with another favorite on the top of my watch over and over again list. I don’t mind one bit that this story is predictable. I enjoy each and every delightful scene with Ryan in her perfectly adorable cluttered apartment and the shop that just makes you want to nestle in and read a book. As you can see it is difficult for me to find faults in this movie, I even loved the music! 

Motherly Advice: What a breath of fresh air to have a romantic comedy not push the sexual limits!  This is very tame compared to what we usually see.  My filters were set to medium which only allowed some questions from curious friends wondering if anyone was having cyber-sex while on the internet, and a laissez-faire attitude around marriage from some of the Fox men.  I think there also may have only been one kiss but I’ve got to say it was beautifully done, proving you don’t need all that smut for a good romantic movie. If you turn your filters to most filtering I think this would be okay for any age (I don’t get to say that too often)! 

Hannah  - Confession, I cut my hair short after seeing this because I fell in love with Meg Ryan’s hair-do! 

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