Yours, Mine, & Ours

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A Modern Brady Bunch!

Helen(Rene Russo) and Frank(Dennis Quaid) are both widowed, both successful in their careers, and both highly and happily involved in their childrens’ lives. With only companionship missing, they now find themselves at a high school reunion years and many-a-child later.  High school sweethearts at one time, it’s not hard to re-fall in love. They marry on the spot and return home to join her 10 kids and his 8 kids together, under one roof.  Mayhem ensues and the kids eventually bond in one common goal: to break up their parents. 

I liked it and thought it was cute but I’m glad that I didn’t pay to see it at the theater.  It’s one of these Home Alone-esque movies that centers around complete destruction, conniving, and potty humor.  But because of the onscreen chemistry, great acting, and our innate desire to see the story end happily, you end up staying tuned in the entire time, wanting to see if happiness will reign supreme!

Motherly Advice: I watched Yours, Mine, & Ours with my filters on medium and here’s what you can expect: Rene Russo wears one gown that is low cut in the front and shows a lot of her back, also one of the daughters wears a cheerleading outfit that shows her midriff, arms, and lots of leg.  Now let’s talk about sittin’ in that ol’ tree.  Rene and Dennis have plenty of onscreen kissing but they are short and clean, one of the daughters (different than the scantily clad cheerleader) on the other hand, has one makeout scene that is about 5 seconds long and quite err, 'romantical'.  Another daughter (I mean there are 18 kids after all) gets a prank pulled on her and she runs around in just a towel, covering mostly everything, but nevertheless.  Just be aware that this is a movie with a lot of mayhem and scheming against each other.  It’s not that it will make your kids want to gang up on you and your spouse, but as you are watching your parental instincts will kick in wanting to reach in to the TV and tell Dennis and Rene a few things about parenting, not to mention handing out timeouts and groundings up the wazoo!! But as I stated before, a cute movie and one that would be great for the whole family if you have kids that are 9 or older.

Trisha~Did You Know that Lucille Ball plays Helen in the original film? Cool!

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