Family Movie Night Activity - Madagascar

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“The Wild? You Can Actually Go There?”

After living in a zoo his whole life, Marty the Zebra thinks it would be great to live in the wild. Through some crazy antics involving his friends they find themselves in Madagascar! Is this a dream come true or a nightmare dressed up as a luau? Gather your family around and enjoy another great Family Movie Night from ClearPlay.

Movie Snacks
*Serve up a dinner fit for all the Zoo animals. Break out the NY Steak for Alex, a big “Grass“ salad for Marty, all sorts of fruit like Gloria would enjoy and you could even have some vitamins in honor or Melman. 
*Marty’s friends make him a cake for his birthday. Serve up some birthday cake to your family for dessert and be sure to remember the #10 candle.
*When all the zoo animals are celebrating with the lemurs they have a luau together. Have a luau with your own family by serving all the best luau food like pork, rice, pineapple and lots of other fruit. Be sure to have a lei for everyone to wear.

Must Pause Moments
*When the penguins show up with a boat, the fog whistle blows loudly. Pause the movie and see which family member can copy the loud fog horn the best.
*Divide the room into two “fun sides” when Marty and Alex are fighting. Label one side for Alex and one for Marty and let your family choose who they would go with if they had to choose.
*As Alex gets more and more hungry for meat, he starts seeing everyone as a steak. Play a game of reverse tag, but call it “Chase The Steak.” Print out a picture of a steak and tape it to someone’s back, let them try to get away from everyone else as they chase them or you can have everyone be steak and one person be a lion. Whoever the lion catches, can play the next round as the lion.

Other Activities
*Before you start the movie, decorate your movie watching area with birthday decorations for Marty’s birthday or have luau decorations around so it looks like your watching the movie right in Madagascar.
*If your kids have a few too many toys, now would be a great time to “Transfer” stuffed animals toys to another “zoo.” Grab a big box and decorate it with shipping tags, to make it look like the crates the NY Zoo animals were in. Once your kids have filled the box with the animals that are going to be “transferred” donate them to charity, goodwill or a thrift store.
*For fun after the movie is over, visit a nearby zoo or wildlife preserve to enjoy the animals in real life.

*LyndiLou* Movie Mom & Zoo Season Pass Holder

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