Breaking Dawn: Part 2

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It's Been a Really Long Night

The finale of the Twilight series begins and ends here! This last movie wraps up the drama with the Volturi, the drama with the freaky vampire baby, the drama with Jacob's awkward imprinting and the drama of Bella and Edwards happiness.

My dear, enduring husband and I agreed that this was the best installment of all the Twilight films. Just as a disclaimer we aren't the hugest fans of the series but it's funny watching the rest of female world go slightly insane over it and we do so like to be entertained. So this one was a wee bit slow, as is the book, but, this movie far surpasses the book in entertainment value and story content. I was sorely disappointed and slightly irate in the book's ending (I take my book reading seriously and do not like being unnecessarily disappointed) but screenplay writer Melissa Rosenberg and director Bill Condon took what was given and very cleverly made it much more satisfying and much less lame. So as far as Twilight movies go it's two thumbs up for me.

Motherly Advice: There is a sex scene. They are nude in it. You wont see any traumatizing body parts but you will definitely see these two very naked and kissing. It lasts about 30 seconds, which feels like forever but thank goodness there's only the one and you get plenty of notice that it's coming. So if you really want your teens to see it, go with them and close their eyes after Edward cheesily says, "That's not what it's intended for," or something like that in answer to Bella's question of the use of a bed when they don't need sleep *barf*.
Violence is certainly an issue, lots of heads being ripped off, limbs flying everywhere, people dying and warlike mayhem. It isn't real bloody or gory but it's certainly vicious. With the sex scene this one is only for adults, without it (or your parental hand over eyes during it or tidy ClearPlay filters neatly snipping the whole thing right out when it comes to DVD) I think it's OK for 15 and up.

Danielle'- Now We Can All Focus on Better Books and Better Movies!

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