The Spiderwick Chronicles

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 I wouldn’t use this for a bedtime story...

The Grace family has experienced a pretty big life change when their Dad moves out forcing them to leave their home in New York.  Without many options they move to their distant relative Arthur Spiderwick's abandoned home.  While moving from the city to the country involves enough change this move comes with woodland creatures like faeries, goblins and ogres.  From the moment they arrive strange things begin to happen at their dilapidated new residence.

A 96 minute journey to the worlds that may surround us is put together pretty well and well worth the trip. I am such a scaredy-cat, so every little noise or shadow is a much bigger deal than it really is. This movie explores what could possibly be causing those things that go bump in the night. I’m not going to try and compare this fantasy action movie to the Harry Potter series because that is just unfair. It just didn’t captivate me in the same way but it had a brisk pace and packed a lot into this one film based on the five book series with the same name by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.  

Motherly Advice:  First of all the special effects are amazing but some of the creatures are scary!  I wouldn’t recommend watching this with filters set any lower than medium like I did.  Even though violence, including some gouged eyes and injuries are filtered the final climactic scene offers some real tension especially when the shape-shifting Ogre unleashes his wrath.  You will want to be leery of your younger kids watching this; I won’t be allowing my 4 year old to view for a while.  Language and blasphemy are filtered but the discussion and image of a broken family interweave into this story. So curl up on the couch for a matinee or evening viewing with kids 9 and up.

Hannah - I have found new reasons to stay stocked up on tomatoes and honey!

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