Much Ado About Nothing

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A Little Something About Everything!

Not everyone’s idea of love is perfect! Take Hero(Kate Beckinsale) and Claudio(Robert Sean Leonard) who both have hearts of hopeless romanticism, have fallen in love and are to be wed in a week’s time.  Beatrice(Emma Thompson) and Bennedick(Kenneth Branagh) on the other hand, feel that love and marriage are for fools.  And so it is that Hero, Claudio, and the rest of their family and friends, take on the challenge to make the two ne’er-sayers fall in love. 

One aspect of the film that I neglected in my summary is the scandal that Don Pedro’s(Denzel Washington) brother Don John(Keanu Reeves) sets up.  It adds an element of mystery to the film for those who need more than a cute love story.  My only voice of warning is to be prepared, it is ALL in Shakespearean script so your brain will need to do some work in order to understand the lingo.

Motherly Advice: A film watched with your filters on medium will still be seen with some things worth mentioning.  Nothing to worry about with the language because it’s all in Shakespearean script, but there are the costumes to worry about. Low cut dresses galore and some that are even a little see-through.  Also during the first ball, there is a scene where they are clearly drinking too much alcohol, and one of the guys is literally groping one of the ladies…everywhere.  The only other scene that I NEED to mention is one that shows a couple at first making out, and then her dress is pulled off showing her whole back and then you’ll see the act of sexual intercourse, clothes semi-on, and certain noises are included.  For this scene, and the groping scene I would highly recommend that even adults watch with your filters on most.  If you do that I would still say ages 16+ and up because it takes some “smarts” to follow the script.

Trisha~ Did you know that a modern version of this film is being released this year? 

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