The Campaign

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Congressman Cam Brady has campaigned in his North Carolina district without a competitor for years, but after a very public indiscretion, the way opens up for a competitor. A big money corporation picks local goofball Marty Huggins to run against Brady, starting an ugly political war that gets nastier by the minute. As the evil corporation swoops in to ruin the district with their greedy plans, will either candidate have the moral courage do the right thing?

ClearPlay In Action!

This is a vulgar comedy (as most comedies seem to be these days). Crude sexual scenes, gestures, and remarks are ClearPlayed throughout, along with a boatload of swear words and some nudity. ClearPlay actually manages to make a watchable movie out of it despite it all, though it can be a bit choppy in spots. Even filtered, this is for adults.

Should I Vote for this Campaign?…

The campaign is a lightweight political satire that is timely in this election season. The current state of politics certainly provides plenty of material for mockery, and The Campaign takes full advantage. There are plenty of funny moments here, and Zach Galifianakis deserves a lot of credit for his portrayal of the hapless Marty Huggins. This is not smart satire, and the film crosses into the ridiculous and silly plenty, but thanks to ClearPlay you can actually enjoy some of the laughs without suffering through the offensive filth.
Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Pug Dog
Rated R for crude sexual content, language and brief nudity; 85 min; Directed By Jay Roach
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