Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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Four score and quite a number of years ago, vampires roamed America. When they kill Abraham Lincoln’s mother, they make an enemy who will dedicate his life to exterminating the nefarious creatures. In the years leading up to the Civil War, vampires take over the south and use slaves for food. President Lincoln merges politics and a swinging axe to take the war to the undead blood suckers and liberate America.

ClearPlay In Action!

With filters on full, you won’t see much vampire slaying action as they die grisly deaths every single time (beheadings, burnings, impalings, etc.). A brief view of a topless corpse is cut, as are several instances of language. The movie is perfectly understandable with full filters. When you see a jump, just think to yourself, “another vampire dead.”

Should I Join The Hunt?…

If Edward from Twilight would have shown up for a round with Abraham Lincoln and his axe, I would have really enjoyed this movie. Some may feel turning one of America’s most revered presidents into an undead hunter is a bit disrespectful, but he is portrayed as heroic throughout. The movie will entertain you once just out of curiosity of how it melds the history of Abraham Lincoln with vampires. But the amusing idea of re-envisioning history isn’t enough to carry a film. To be fair, the filters remove a lot of the action and horror that are the centerpiece for this kind of movie. ClearPlayers will get a much softer version without all the scares and blood, but without the bite, as well.
Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Vampire Food
Rated R for violence throughout and brief sexuality; 104 min; Directed By Timur Bekmambetov
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