Safety Not Guaranteed

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Darius (Aubrey Plaza), a magazine intern, agrees to go on assignment with two others to investigate Kenneth (Mark Duplass), the author of a classified ad requesting a partner for time travel. Is it a hoax? Is he a nut? Or does he really have the ability to travel through time? Those questions become secondary as Darius soon finds that, quirkiness aside, Kenneth has a dream she begins to buy into — a dream that he will only share with her if he believes she’s sincere.

ClearPlay In Action!

Safety Not Guaranteed received its R–rating for language, much of it about sex. ClearPlay trims roughly 60 instances of language, and some scenes of implied sexual contact. What remains is a sweet story about the transformative power of love. Some adult existentialist themes, and law–breaking, might make it a bit confusing for younger viewers.

Can you guarantee I’ll like Safety?…

Safety Not Guaranteed is at the opposite end of the spectrum from big budget, plot–driven movies. Call it the anti–Back to the Future. Its laughs are based more on character and the foibles of human nature, than story intricacies and slapstick. If you’re in an “Indie” mood — or willing to try something slightly off the beaten path — Safety Not Guaranteed is almost a sure thing.
Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay Timecop
Rated R for language including some sexual references; 86 min; Directed By Colin Trevorrow
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