The Amazing Spider-Man

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Franchise superhero Spider–Man returns, rebooted. This is not a sequel to the previous three films, but a fresh start (already!). Again we meet the nerdy Peter Parker as he gets bitten by a spider, pines over the girl, and battles the forces of evil in New York. In this new take on a familiar hero, Peter must confront a mutant lizard–man running amok in New York.

ClearPlay In Action!

The Amazing Spider–Man is pretty clean for a PG–13 movie. Some language is muted (four or five swear words and some other name calling), a couple of long kisses are shortened, and the edge taken off of a few instances of violence. Since most of the violence consists of throwing things and knocking people about, there aren’t a lot of skips. Filtered, this film would be appropriate for teens and up.

Will Spider–Man Catch Me in Its Web?…

While a reboot this soon wasn’t absolutely called for, the new Spider–Man is a fine film and does the character justice. This re–envisioning takes more of a realistic slant than its overtly comic–bookish predecessors. In particular, I liked this version’s Peter Parker more (and my teenage daughters tell me he’s cuter, too). The well known origin story is here, so you won–t be in for a lot of surprises, but if you enjoy superheroes, then The Amazing Spider–Man is a must see.
Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Mutant
Rated PG-13 for sequences of action and violence; 136 min; Directed By Marc Webb
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