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The Scoop on Scoop

Scarlett Johansson plays a journalism student who gets a big scoop on a big story by a ghost informant. But as things heat up between her and the wealthy suspect will she be able to find the truth in time?

I generally dislike Woody Allen films but there was that one time, I think, when I might have liked least that must be why I keep trying his work? This one is written, directed and acted by Woody Allen and I was in agony the whole time. If you like Woody Allen's sense of humor and stuttering deliverance than I'm sure you'll love this one! For me however, Johansson and Hugh Jackman were not enough to pull me through this one mentally un-harmed.

Motherly Advice: Actually not too bad for Woody Allen. Or any movie for that matter. The only things left in after a Medium filter setting was implied premarital sex, Johansson seen in a man's shirt and nothing else, and her in a fairly modest one piece swimsuit. There is however, some talk of prostitution and it is a murder mystery. If you want to introduce your kids to truly terrible films then this would be a terrific choice for ages 15 and up.

Danielle'- ClearPlay Movie Journalist

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