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“He’s Not a President. He’s an ordinary person!”

Dave is a kind, easy going guy just trying to help everyone find work. He lands himself quite a job when he’s asked to be a stand-in for President Bill Mitchell for a small event. To Dave’s surprise, the brief stint turns into something permanent when the real President has a stroke. Become Commander-In-Chief of your next Movie Date Night with these fun activities and ideas for you to share with your special someone.

For Fun:
*As Dave comes home from work one day, he’s singing “Oklahoma” (from the movie of the same name.) Sing along with Dave and see who knows the words the best. If you need another song to really get the competition going, then see who knows all the words to “Tomorrow” from Annie. Oh and remember, you now have another movie night idea… watch Oklahoma or Annie together!
*Dave has been collecting pictures and magazine covers to make a scrapbook. Snap a few pictures of you and your sweetheart and put them together in a memory book or collage of your own.
*Dave has to figure out how to cut $650 million from the budget. Take some time to discuss what you would do with a million dollars or grab a pen and paper and write it all out. Compare your lists and see how you “spent” it in common, or imagine what you would do if you had that much money and it had to be spent in one week. 

For Dinner:
*Pull out the Patriotic menus, because tonight for dinner, you’re having an All-American meal. Serve up hot dogs, hamburgers, or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Another way to show off your patriotism is to prepare food items that are red, white and blue for dinner or snacks.
*Dave makes sandwiches for his Secret Service-man, Duane, and later for the first lady. Set out a variety of meats, cheese, veggies, and condiments to make the perfect sandwich buffet. Be sure to cut your sandwiches in half and switch one of them with each other, so that you can each see what the other thinks is the perfect sandwich.
*Dave gets Bratworst & mustard for Murray while he’s at the White House helping to go over the budget with him. You and your date could have the same thing while you find out if they can cut enough from the budget to help the shelters.

Going the Extra Mile:
*The President has Dave help fill in for him at a benefit dinner and later, Dave goes with the First Lady to a shelter full of children. Get all dressed up and take your date to a charity auction or fundraiser as well. If that’s beyond your budget, or your schedule, then plan a time to help out at a soup kitchen or shelter, set up a food/coat/charity drive, or simply drop off a donation at your local food pantry.
*When standing in for the President, Dave gets to visit a factory and even try out some of the machinery. Check out your area and see if there are any local companies that do tours or demonstrations about their products or business that you and your date could attend. You might just find it quite enjoyable to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes.
*Dave tells Duane that he should consider wearing a sweater to try and blend in more, but Duane isn’t sure he would look good in one. Go sweater shopping with your date to find what looks best for you. This could be a trip to the mall or department store to add something new to your wardrobe, or a silly trip to a consignment shop or thrift store to get the ugliest sweater or one that most closely matches Murray’s.

Over The Top:
*The president gets chauffeured around town in a limo. Surprise your date big time by going for a limousine ride along before your movie night. You could even look into a service that would let you watch the movie in the limo, just remember to bring your ClearPlay along!
*Plan a trip to Washington D.C. & take your date on a tour of the White House. Especially if you aren’t local, this would be the perfect over-the-top activity to go along with your Dave movie night. Be sure to pick up some souvenirs, because even Dave wanted to have a few things from the White House to remember his experience. (There is also an interactive tour you can take online, if you’re sure you just can’t make it there in person.)

*LyndiLou* -  Movie Night Commander-in-Chief

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