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Will You Cheer for Rudy!?

Rudy Ruettiger (Sean Astin) wanted to reach greater heights than his steel mill town offered him.  With little natural athletic talent but with a determined spirit and tons of heart he set his sights on playing football for the legendary Notre Dame Football team. With only one true supporter behind him to follow his dream, Rudy goes against family wishes and proves  that if there is a will there is a way. 

I think I’m on a “based on a true story” movie kick, they are some of my favorite movies. Rudy is an average Joe that achieves his dreams by pure hard work and not accepting no for an answer.  He is a jock, who really isn’t a jock, but fights his way to a dream without being swooned by colleges or offered scholarships, it was quite the opposite.  The final scene may pull on your heart strings when Rudy’s teammates, through relentless hard work, have grown to respect him so much they demand their coach to give Rudy the chance he deserves to set foot on the field during a game.

Motherly Advice:  Rudy is a great movie that is well worth seeing but it has a few things to be mindful of for younger viewers.  For a PG film the language and blasphemy are pretty rough but thankfully that is taken out with use of your filters set to Most Filtering.  A close friend to Rudy dies near the beginning of the movie causing a stir of emotions in Rudy.  Smoking and drinking are seen on occasion at the local hometown bar and some while Rudy is on campus.  A brawl breaks out between Rudy and his brother with some punches thrown at each other, it is not overly violent more like brothers blowing off steam.  There are many positive messages throughout this movie which leads me to recommend an age of 8 and up.

Hannah Clearplay non-football fan but a HUGE fan of a good story!

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