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Should You Pull the Switch on Igor?

In the land of Malaria evil scientists are the celebrities of the town and their evil inventions are what keep the money coming in. However, if you are born an Igor, life is about doing the grunt work for the scientists and about pulling the switch when told. So what is our Igor to do when he creates life and things go terrible and wonderfully wrong?

With the voices of John Cusak and Molly Shannon this movie was kinda fun. The very comic and light hearted Gothic tone was enjoyable for the kids this Halloween season and if they can get the lesson in this story line then its all the better. However fun the film was though, it wasn't amazing. So while we thought it was entertaining to watch this year, for reasons listed below and for post-disinterest from the kids, I don't think it will be coming around again next year.

Motherly Advice: We had our filters on Medium for everything and there's still going to be a bit you should know about. Mainly cleavage issues. There is one character who has about ten to fifteen minutes of screen time who has really ample cleavage and Igor has a crush on her. This same character we find out is the girlfriend of the villain scientist and she takes pills to change herself into about five other scientists' girlfriends. Their relationship is super unhealthy. At one point, when Igor refuses her aggressive advances she exclaims, "this isn't even my sexiest disguise!" Lots of language was cut out (for a kids' movie) which made it a wee bit choppy (again, for a kids' movie). I'd watch this one again only with really young kids who wont get the innuendo or cleavage and with my filters up on Most.

Danielle'Movie Mom in Search of an Igor (who cleans toilets)

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