Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activity - The Sixth Sense

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Let's See Dead People Together?

Child psychologist, Dr. Malcom Crowe, has his work cut out for him when he meets Cole, a young boy who can see dead people. Can he help him work through this disturbing problem? Find out with a Movie Night with your family and friends that’s just creepy enough for Halloween time.

Wear While Watching:
*Cole wears his Dad’s glasses (without the lenses) and his Dad’s watch, all left over after he ran out on the family. Dress up like Cole by wearing oversized clothes and accessories.
*Since Cole can see dead people, have your Movie Night guests come in costumes that have something to do with death… but remind them they have to wear ClearPlay friendly costumes so they’ll need to be creative. Try using common phrases, puns and play on words that have something to do with death. Perhaps you had an “Un-Timely Death” so you came with clocks and watches all over. Maybe your death was a “Blessing in Disguise” so you put a sign on your shirt that says ‘Blessing’ then wear a trench coat over it, along with sunglasses or a mask. You could be “Dead Serious”, “Play Dead” or  you “Cheated Death.” Be sure to share your costumes and other ideas in the comments and on our Facebook page.

Home Theater D├ęcor:
*Cole plays with knights and religious figurines. Set up figurines around your house and be sure to label them with the Latin phrase he says, “De profundis clamo ad te Domine.” 
*Have different scenes or spooky items around your house that copy the movie. Leave all your cupboard doors open, hang up pictures with random glimmers of light in them, set up a blanket tent like Cole’s and have a hand reaching out from under one of the beds.

Movie Munchies:
*Serve cold cereal & Poptarts in honor of the spooky scene where Cole and his Mom are surprised by all the open cupboards in the kitchen.
*Serve some birthday cake to your guests because not only does Cole get invited to a birthday party in this movie, but it also opened on M. Night Shyamalan's birthday.
*Dr. Crowe is surprised to see that his wife is taking anti-depressants. As a snack or party favor, fill little bottles with candy and hand out Anti-Apparition “medicine” to everyone.
*For dinner, be sure to serve soup. You can call it “Kyra Collins Soup” just be sure to leave OUT Mrs. Collins secret, deadly ingredient.

Movie Inspired Adventures:
*For more fun after the movie, why not see if a local school is putting on a play. Go support the young actors and hope that they aren’t as bad as Tommy Tammimo. 
*Interested in more good haunts? Look up local haunted houses (seasonal and ‘real’) and visit a few to get your scare on.
*Have a Spooky Movie Marathon. Choose from Signs, The Village, The Happening, Unbreakable and Lady in the Water… which are all by the same writer and director as The Sixth Sense. (Filters are available for all of these films.)

*LyndiLou*  ~ Movie Mom Who Thinks M. Night Shymalan’s First Name Is Probably… Movie

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