Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

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With 21 days left until a meteor collides with Earth and kills everybody, Dodge (Steve Carell) tries to fill his last days with some sort of meaning. He meets up with a neighbor (Keira Knightley), and the two embark on a final journey that involves tying up loose ends in both their lives. This may sound somber, but Seeking a Friend is more of a romantic comedy, emphasizing humanity in the face of tragedy.

ClearPlay In Action!

There is some end–of–the-world mayhem in Seeking a Friend: a suicide, intimate relations, unflinching honesty and the beginnings of an orgy. ClearPlay trims a violent scene, references to sex, and about 40 obscenities (including 15 F–words). The apocalyptic themes may be a bit dark and troubling for sensitive viewers, but the overall focus is on the goodness of people. Call it an optimistic film for pessimists.

In the End of the World, will I feel fine?…

While certainly not for all tastes, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a surprisingly sweet and gentle movie of discovery. It’s not the first time the apocalypse has been played for laughs (Dr. Strangelove and Zombieland, among others), and some viewers may be more offended than amused. But Carell and Knightley make a great team as Armageddon serves as a metaphor for our limited time on Earth.
Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Survivalist
Rated R for language including sexual references, some drug use and brief violence; 101 min; Directed By Lorene Scafaria
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