Madea's Witness Protection

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A CFO (Eugene Levy) living the good life suddenly finds that his investment firm is a Ponzi scheme laundering mob money and he’s been set up to be the patsy. He’s arrested by the FBI, but the authorities feel their normal safe houses wouldn’t be safe enough. Enter Madea (Tyler Perry), whose home not only provides witness protection for the family, but also plenty of homespun wisdom to cure what ails them.

ClearPlay In Action!

As with most Tyler Perry comedies, there is some bawdy humor and low-key profanity. ClearPlay edits about 130 instances of rude humor, mild obscenities and references to body parts. The ClearPlayed version is fine for most members of the family. Though race plays a part in the jokes, the overall message is one of respect, understanding, and maybe a little law–breaking if it’s for the greater good.

Should I get some Protection from this new Tyler Perry offering?…

If you’ve seen a Tyler Perry Madea movie, you pretty much know what to expect here: stereotypes, mispronunciation of words (that we’re meant to laugh at), and the unflappable presence of Perry dressed as a large, brash, older woman. There are some good–natured laughs if you go with the flow. In other words, if Jerry Lewis makes you laugh more than Oscar Wilde — or even Woody Allen — does, you might enjoy it.
Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Buster Keaton fan
Rated PG-13 for some crude sexual remarks and brief drug references; 114 min; Directed By Tyler Perry
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