Ever After

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The Perfect Spin on Cinderella!

As a child, Danielle (Drew Barrymore) felt safe and secure, even happy.  But ever since her mother had passed away, her father has been in the search of a companion and mother for Danielle.  He finds love in the arms of Rodmilla, who comes into the family with two daughters of her own.  But the new family’s dreams are shattered when the Patriarch of the family dies suddenly from a heart attack.  Danielle is teased and tortured for the remainder of her adolescent years, finding solace only from the household help.  But hope is what she’ll grasp when one day she happens upon the handsome Prince Henry.  A refreshing take on the classic Cinderella story, you’ll love how the story unfolds between a little girl and the simple dream of a Utopian society.

It really would not be possible for me to say enough good things about this film! Ever After takes a classic fairytale, and keeps enough for it to still whisk you away for a couple of hours, but changes enough that you’ll be delightfully surprised.  I have to admit that I was skeptical about Drew Barrymore (she’s like cilantro, you either love her or she makes you want to gag) but I think the storyline, music, and scenery, made me forget my Drew Barrymore gag reflex! Angelica Huston, on the other hand, plays suuuuch a wonderful evil step-mother. You will absolutely despise her by the end of the film, OH she’s so good!!  So don’t let anything stop you from watching Ever After, a family film that will be sure to find a place on your movie shelf!

Motherly Advice: I watched Ever After with my filters set on medium and I probably could have watched it with the lowest filters because this film is a perfect family, clean film! A couple of things to make mention of are the classic low cut dresses for that time period, so be ready for cleavage-city.  Secondly, as in the classic Cinderella fairytale, her father dies so there is death within. Another aspect is violence.  There are a couple of mild sword fighting scenes that don’t end in severed limbs or anything, but you will see minor cuts and bleeding. There is one scene where Danielle is taken and sold off as property to this super evil, slimy guy and he does imply that he’s going to have his way with her without her consent.  So here’s the deal, it’s a film made to be watched by the whole family but it’s definitely a fairytale for the older kiddos, 12 and up.

Trisha~ Don’t hate me because of my perfect dislike for Drew Barrymore!

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