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When scientists send a message to deep space, they get an answer in the form of an alien invasion. A mysterious craft lands in the sea and traps three Navy ships inside an impenetrable dome. Navy Lieutenant Alex Hopper must lead his ship and crew to fight the alien threat before more aliens are summoned to destroy the earth. In case you’re wondering, there’s really only one part of the movie where they pay slight homage to the board game that somehow inspired this movie.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay works to clean up language, mainly an over abundance of religious exclamations and the S word. While PG–13, the violence in Battleship is mostly about big things shooting big weapons and making big explosions. It isn’t gory, and the movie is easy to follow, even with filters.

Have They Sunk This Battleship?…

Battleship suffers mightily from a poor script and subpar acting. Liam Neeson seemed to be the only one who knew what he was doing, and he was barely in the film. It almost seems pointless to say these days, but the special effects are first rate, and there is some smash em up fun to be had for fans of action movies. I would say the movie felt like a half–hearted mix of Transformers and Armageddon with all the hokey, brainless fun those two movies imply. If you can turn off your higher reasoning functions and tolerate some badly delivered lines, you might not have your battleship sunk.
Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Deep Space Comms Researcher
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, action and destruction, and for language; 131 min; Directed By Peter Berg
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