Never Been Kissed

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A funny movie worth revisiting!

Josie Geller, (Drew Barrymore) an aspiring journalist, is eagerly looking for a breakout moment in her career so she takes on an assignment which requires her to enroll at her old High School and go undercover as a “teen”.  Within minutes of being back at her old school Josie is flooded with haunting memories of her struggle to fit in and the cruelty she endured, like the nickname “Josie Grossie”.  Trying to climb the High School ladder into popularity proves to be as hard as it was her first time around.  In her search for the perfect story she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a story that people want to hear.

This movie could be either hilariously therapeutic or down right painful depending on your High School experience.  Luckily, I did not have an experience quite like Josie but I did find myself cringing a bit while watching as I recalled some of my embarrassing High School days.  Barrymore is brilliant as Josie and she had me laughing at her wacky outfits and awkward interactions but that is the genius around her ugly duckling story.  The very handsome Michael Vartan plays one of Josie’s teachers, David Arquette is her naturally cooler brother, and we can’t leave out Leelee Sobieski as one of her nerdier friends but seriously you have to give her props for wearing a one piece spandex outfit.  A comedy with romance that will give you the feel good ending we all want!

Motherly Advice:  I had my filters set to most filtering which I recommend.  Throughout the film some of the female students wear revealing clothing like short skirts and low cut shirts. Josie is a na├»ve young woman even though she is 25 and at a club one night she eats a piece of cake that was laced with drugs and therefore she becomes high without knowing it.  Poor Josie, during flashbacks of her own High School days is seen being teased and bullied and at one point on her prom night she is crying due to the mean nature of her teasers.  A scene to definitely be leery of especially if watching with teens is in a health class all of the students are given bananas and condoms and are taught how to use contraception properly (a very unnecessary scene, I hate it when they do that).  Last but not least we can’t ignore the fact that while Josie is attending school no one is aware of her true age which makes her relationship with her teacher (Vartan) inappropriate since they develop feelings for each other.  I would suggest 15 and up due to some subject matter.   

Hannah -   I have some great high school memories but I am NOT looking to go back!

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