Enchanted Family Movie Night Activity

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“I’ve Been Dreaming Of A True Love’s Kiss”

Giselle comes from a fantasy world, so when she ends up in New York City, she’s very surprised about how different things are. She still believes in True Love, and knows that Prince Edward will come to rescue her, even if her new friends aren't so sure. Will Giselle ever find her True Love? Can you still live "Happily Ever After" in such a different world? Gather your family together and find out with this Family Movie Night Activity!

Movie Snacks
*Make sure to serve up as many True Love’s Kiss snacks as you can. Have Hershey kisses, thumbprint cookies with kisses, gummy lips, or just cut out finger sandwiches with heart and lip shaped cookie cutters.
*While Giselle is in New York she tries all sorts of new food. For dinner along with your movie night, serve up some New York style hot dogs or giant slices of New York pizza. Stick to the NYC theme by adding in fresh bagels and other classic snacks. 
*Queen Narissa & Nathaniel try to get rid of Giselle by offering her a poisoned caramel apple, a poisoned apple martini and finally a poisoned apple. Serve some safe and kid friendly versions of these treats to your family, and be sure to let them know that they really are safe to eat! Have caramel apples, apple slices and caramel dip, apple juice and any other of your favorite apple recipes.

Must Pause Moments
*Build a replica of your own True Love. Grab some paper plates, glue, and other craft supplies (like gems for eyes, noodles or yarn for hair and anything else your family would have fun using.) If your family is a little too young for true loves, just have them make crafty self portraits.
*Cleaning up the house is easy for Giselle, especially when she sings “A Happy Little Working Song” and all the animals help her. Take a break from the movie to play a clean up game. Write the names of different animals on slips of paper and put them in one bowl, with some cleaning chores on paper in another bowl. Have each person choose from each bowl and do the chore while acting like the animal. 
*When Pip the Squirrel gets to New York he’s lost the ability to talk. He spends most of his time trying to get Prince Edward to understand him and hiding from Nathaniel. Play “Hide & Find Pip” by drawing/printing a picture of Pip (or any squirrel) and taking turns letting someone hide him, and someone else find him. Each time someone in the movie says “Pip” you could play the game again.

Other Activities
*Giselle makes dresses out of household items at Robert's house; one day it’s the curtains, another it’s the rug. You could have a dress up day of your own and let your family members use out of the ordinary items to make new ensembles for themselves. This could also be a great time to teach your kids to sew, or even to learn how to do it yourself!
*How does your family know that you love them? You’ve got to tell them of course! Go around the room and share reasons that you love each other. You could also think of some fun things to do together to show other friends, relatives, or neighbors that you love them too! Take someone a treat, write them a card or just spend time with someone who might need some cheering up.
*At the end of the movie both Nathaniel and Pip publish books about what they learned from the whole crazy adventure they all lived through. Take some time with your family and write down something fun you’ve done recently. Maybe you want to hold onto your families favorite memories from a recent vacation, or simply what they liked from movie night and what they would like to do again. You could make things fancy like a scrapbook or keep them in a regular journal-like notebook. You’ll enjoy going back and reading about the fun you’ve had, and it would be an easy way to start a new family tradition.

*LyndiLou* ~  Planning A Vacation To Andalasia

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