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Lots of Love OR Laugh Out Loud?

Lola or Lol (Miley Cyrus) as her friends call her, is just trying to figure it all out.  Between love, school, and home life, she is the typical sassy and confused teenager.  And just as most teenage girls do, Lol keeps a diary full of all the juicy details of her not-so moral life.   Her mother Anne (Demi Moore) finds the diary and feels justified in reading it to gain insight into her daughters’ life.  By so doing, she’ll drive a wedge into their already strained mother/daughter relationship, a wedge that can only be dissolved by honest and mature communication. 

You may be wondering why I titled this review, Lots of Love OR Laugh Out Loud. That’s because if you are a teenager you’ll probably have lots of love for this film, but if you are any other age you’ll laugh out loud at how poorly this film was put together.  So since I’m not of the teenage, er, age, I side with the latter LOL.  The whole way through I found myself sick with how disrespectful the teenagers were to themselves, their bodies, their friends, and their parents.  I know teenagers can be sassy (I certainly had my number of groundings for “mouthing off”) but it seems like this movie put teenagers in a really dark and ignorant light.  Both Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus gave mediocre performances, and the rest of the characters I didn’t recognize nor will I probably ever see again. Truth be told, even if I had teenagers I wouldn’t want them watching this film for fear of letting them know it’s OK to act like this.  So how about if you are at Redbox and come across LOL, you laugh out loud and then move on to the next movie!

Motherly Advice: I watched LOL with my filters on medium.  As I previously stated, I wouldn’t recommend this movie for anyone, but if you have teenagers that absolutely insist, here’s what you should know.  Lots of sexual implications and discussion, scantily dressed teenagers as in short skirts, short shorts, off the shoulder shirts, etc. Surprisingly, drinking and drugs weren’t a strong theme here, but they still go to clubs and sneak out of their homes. I caught maybe 3 or 4 swear words that didn’t get filtered, and one make-out scene that I thought could have been cut.  To be quite frank, I think this could have been a rated R film because let me say that the movie was jumping and skipping everywhere from all the content that my wonderful Clearplayer was filtering out.  So if you must watch this film, I would say it’s appropriate for ages 15+.

Trisha~ Confessions of a Once Sassy Teenager

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