A Little Bit of Heaven

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I’m not sure it lives up to the title….

Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson) a single-by-choice, career driven woman, doesn’t feel that happiness is only found through wanting babies someday and getting married. She seems to be perfectly okay with her non-committed relationships and freedom to go out and have fun as she pleases.  After a visit to a doctor she receives some unexpected news about her health.  She hears what no on one wants to hear…she has cancer.  Faced with a fragile future she finds joy in things she wasn’t sure she wanted and mends relationships before it is too late.

This is not a date night romantic comedy. Humor is attempted by Marley’s character as she uses it to cope with her diagnosis; ultimately, though, this is a movie about dying.  The second half of the movie picks up a bit and has more appealing character and relationship development then the first half. I found no clear reason why this movie was or wasn’t good; furthermore, it didn’t resonate an emotional connection for me with the characters.  Love and death are not a new movie concept, and for me this one just falls short.  Seize the day may be the best message to take away!

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay did quite a bit of cleaning up on this one.  Set all Filters to “Most Filtering” to take out the many curse words said throughout the movie and to avoid sex scenes, sexual sounds and some intense kissing.  A brief scene with a man in only his underwear will still remain and mild kissing. There is a lot of drinking among Marley and friends in multiple scenes.  A male escort shows up at Marley’s apartment unexpectedly but the inappropriate material is filtered.  God takes the form of Whoopi Goldberg in Marley’s dreams, though it is done in a humorous way it did not come across as sacrilegious, more of a yearning for faith in something.  Suitable for ages 14+.    

Hannah -  Everyone should be able to see their wishes come true!

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